The Uriel Story

Welcome to Uriel!

Uriel creates natural drugs and herbal remedies designed for the whole human being, based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner.  Uriel was founded in 1996 by Mark McKibben, R.Ph. to meet the needs of anthroposophically oriented practitioners and their patients. Located on a small farm in Wisconsin, Uriel makes herbal treatments and remedies in small batches with great care to ensure their vitality and effectiveness, using ingredients from our biodynamic gardens and the living, breathing forces of sunrise and sunset.

Why Alchemical Processes?

We prepare remedies using natural alchemical processes inspired by spiritual science, including especially the forces of morning and evening. By exposing aqueous plant extracts specifically to these times of day, we are able to produce remedies imbued with the mobile, breathing powers of sunrise and sunset, preserved without alcohol. Certain remedies are made using rhythms of the planets and zodiac. What are we trying to accomplish through all these procedures? To make the herbal remedies as dynamic as possible, so they can speak the language of healing to the person working and growing inwardly through illness.

Our goal is to respond to real human health needs. The biggest need we see in medicine is to change the conventional way of thinking - to think of illness and remedies in living pictures rather than freeze-dried intellectual concepts.

It is an ancient truth that the world of nature relates to the parts of the human being because it once was part of us. This truth is a key for finding new remedies in individual situations. The physician can look for which nature processes are out of order or out of place in a patient and design a treatment to harmonize them. Our idea of success is to bring this connection with nature to consciousness again, to experience it as a reality. Then we will really be able to speak truth and make good and natural medication, the medicine of the future.

Why East Troy?

After years of study and training in the US, Germany and Switzerland, Mark McKibben chose southeastern Wisconsin as the perfect location for his own company. He had started Raphael Pharmacy in Fair Oaks, California, years prior, but wanted to stretch his wings with his own concern. East Troy is the home of the first biodynamic farm in the U.S., run by the Zinniker family since 1943, as well as Michael Fields Agricultural Institute. Today several biodynamic farms, Waldorf schools and anthroposophic doctors are based in this region.

Why wait?

Begin living well now!  Explore the Uriel Pharmacy website to discover a variety of Home Remedies such as Lavender Rose Cream for overall well-being and Meteoric Iron Prunus for immune support.