The Honest Truth

Illness is not something that happens to us by accident. It is connected with who we are and who we are becoming. In a deeper sense, health and illness involve karma and reincarnation, since our life challenges/opportunities are in a large part a result of our thoughts and actions in previous lives on earth (see Manifestations of Karma by Rudolf Steiner). The overcoming of illness involves inner development, a willingness to take spiritual questions seriously. What is the purpose of life? What happens before we are born and after we die? These questions are often not formulated so clearly or consciously, perhaps initially being a feeling of dissatisfaction or struggle, perhaps taking on more the character of "how can I change to become who I truly am?"

Our current civilization is disintegrating because of a widespread inability or unwillingness to consider a spiritual world of ideas, impulses or realities that permeates and interacts with the earthly world. The way forward requires us to generate interest in a fuller reality. The striving of anthroposophic medicine is to look at health and illness, nature and the human being in a spiritual light, and to support inner development towards freedom.

Mark McKibben

Founder and Pharmacist, Uriel