The Best Cold & Flu Season Remedies

Cold and Flu season is well upon us and though we do everything we can to avoid illness, it’s best to be well prepared with the most effective products.

The following remedies are specifically formulated to aid your body through cold and flu and to relieve you of the worst of the resulting symptoms.

Gelsemium Bryonia Flu Relief Pellets
A essential remedy for all types of flu and its symptoms including muscular aches and pains. For strong symptom fighting power, it contains yellow jasmine roots, white bryony roots, and vivianite.

Apis Belladonna Fever Relief Pellets
For the inflammation associated with colds and flu including coping with the symptoms of low-grade fever, rash, and redness of the skin. Always consult your primary care clinician with questions about fever.

Cinnabar Dandelion Cold Relief Pellets
Cinnabar Dandelion is recommended for the symptoms of sore throat, cold and flu, and congestion especially in the head region. This remedy is best taken at the first sign of symptoms to help reduce the intensity and duration of illness.

Echinacea Thuja Flu Fighter Pellets
This remedy is great for more intensive cold and flu symptoms including fever and exhaustion. Especially indicated when concerned about progression of symptoms. Some of the key ingredients include Echinacea, Thuja, honey bee, and the essential oils of anise, eucalyptus and sage.

Plantain Spruce Cough Relief Syrup
Finally, an all plant-based syrup for respiratory symptoms like cough, and congestion. Flavored mildly with wild cherry and natural cane sugar, it helps reduce the symptoms associated with constant coughing and nighttime cough disturbances.

Plantain Beeswax Cough Relief Ointment
A warming aromatic ointment for the chest, back, and sinuses which relieves the sensation of mucous congestion and labored breathing. This ointment comes in both regular strength and mild strength for those who are scent sensitive or for young children.

Meteoric Iron Prunus Immune Support Pellets
This product supports exhaustion and sense of being run down which often precedes colds and flu. Good for prevention, travel, and the fatigue associated with recovery from a flu-like illness. Experience the light energy of meteoric iron, phosphorous, and quartz complimented with the fortifying effects of echinacea and blackthorn.

Need some additional winter support? Try some of these complementing products for the holiday season. Great for travel, stress, cold, and a great idea for gifts.

Travel Remedy Pellets
Consider this popular remedy to support the symptoms of jet lag, travel and seasonal holiday stress. A remedy carefully formulated for overall homeostasis of the body affected by stress.

Aurum Lavender Rose Cream
An amazing blend of organic essential oils, this best seller provides a calming aura to sooth tension and stress. Its light scent and smooth cream base make this a great on-the-go product for the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Apply to wrists, chest, and under the nose sparingly and as needed.

Rose Copper Warming Support Ointment
A red copper blend to warm the feet and support the symptoms of cold sensitivity, poor circulation, and cramping. Also considered a great seasonal product for long periods of outdoor exposure. Apply a dab sparingly to the feet, wrists or low back.

Sincerely, Uriel Pharmacy