Solum Aesculus Body Oil

Environmental Sensitivity

Temporarily relieves symptoms of over-sensitivity to one’s environment. Contains extract of peat, St. John’s wort, horse chestnut and horsetail plant. Ages 2 and older: Apply oil to skin morning and evening, especially over the chest and heart. The oils can also be used in baths or after dry-brushing the skin with a natural vegetable fiber brush. Under age 2: Ask a doctor. Solum Aesculus Oil contains lavender, which is calming. Solum Aesculus Rosemary Oil invigorates the whole body, especially helpful in the morning. Solum Aesculus Lemon Oil helps those with allergies or hay fever. The oils contain organic olive oil and lanolin. 125 ml

SKU: HRG:solaesbodOil*HR*125ml


Organic olive oil, Peat extract, Lanolin, Lanolin alcohol, Horse chestnut seed extract, Horsetail extract, Essential oil blend, St. John's wort extract
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