Berberis Prunus Nose Balm

Receive 25% off one or more tubes of Berberis Prunus Nose Balm.

This aromatic ointment, scented with Peruvian balsam, temporarily relieves symptoms caused by harsh weather changes, allergies, facial tissue irritation, and colds.

The perfect product to help transition you from Autumn’s allergy season to Winter’s cold season; Berberis Prunus Nose Balm Ointment is a favorite amongst Mothers of young children and practitioners to help you keep stuffy nose, itchy dry skin, irritated nostrils, and chapped, red noses at bay.

Apply to skin in and around the nose as needed to open nasal passageways and soothe outer skin. For best results, apply with clean fingers or cotton swab where chapped, red, or irritated skin occurs. Under age 2: consult a practitioner.

Discount applied to only the Berberis Prunus Nose Balm Ointment. Valid through December 31st, 2019

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