Uriel Pharmacy is dedicated to providing the best anthroposophic and natural remedies available. Below is a collection of links or resources Uriel Pharmacy finds valuable to learn about anthroposophic  remedies, associative organizations, the anthroposophic community, practitioner databases, and so much more.

Uriel Pharmacy has no legal, monetary, or other agreements with the following contacts and does not endorse any specific organization. Uriel Pharmacy is providing this list as a service to our customers who must make their own assessment based upon their interests.


  • Physicians Association of Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM) official website.
  • Includes Directory of Physicians throughout the U.S.
  • Articles, studies, and essays on Anthroposophic Medicine


  • AnthroMed Library official website
  • Repository website for articles relating to Anthroposophic Medicine (over 600+)


  • Further information and research on Rudolf Steiner lectures, organizations, and anthroposophy


  • Quarterly journal and website about Anthroposophic medicine which includes directory of practitioners.


  • Literature and info about Anthroposophic medicine, Rudolf Steiner, & Waldorf Edu.


  • Biodynamic Association official website
  • Info regarding biodynamic agriculture, farming, gardening, and resources


  • International Federation of Anthroposophical Medicine Associates official site
  • Originates from Switzerland and is translated
  • Offers definition and information for Anthroposophic medicine and recent studies and research from Europe
  • See also, iaap.org.uk


  • Find a Naturopathic Doctor in the United States or Canada


  • Steiner College official website
  • A resource for the organization’s notifications, newsletter sign-up, and links


  • Rudolf Steiner Foundation Social Finance official website
  • Organization description, sign-up, and detailed information regarding investments and funding.


  • Site to review, search, and purchase Waldorf School inspired and supported books


  • Association of Anthroposophic Medicine & Therapies in America official website
  • Practitioner directory, additional information resources, and organization details.