Renes Betula liquid

60 ml dropper-top bottle
SKU: Liq-60ml Multi-Dose:renbetliq


Agropyron (Couch grass) 2X, Ononis (Restharrow) 2X, Petroselinum (Parsley leaf) 2X, Petroselinum (Parsley root) 2X, Thlaspi bursa pastoris (Shepherd’s purse) 2X, Uva ursi (Bearberry) 2X, Solidago (Goldenrod) 2X, Betula (Silver birch leaves) 3X, Equisetum (Common horsetail) 3X, Renes (Bovine kidneys) 3X, Sarothamnus (Broom) 3X, Cuprum met. (Copper) 8X, Distilled water, Propolis, Lactose
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