Quercus Borago Ointment


Hemorrhoid Relief

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SIZE: 60 gm tube

This soothing preparation contains homeopathic potencies of oak bark, borage, witch hazel and more for temporary relief of external hemorrhoids. For best results, apply topically as needed.

Under age 2: Consult a physician.

100 gm contains: 10 gm Quercus (Oak) 1X, 1 gm Mercurialis per. (Dog’s mercury) 1X, 0.5 gm Aesculus (Horse chestnut) 1X, 0.5 gm Borago (Borage) 1X, 0.5 gm Carduus marianus (Milk thistle) 1X, 0.5 gm Hamamelis (Witch hazel) 1X; Stibium met. (Antimony) 3X, Organic olive oil, Distilled water, Lanolin, Beeswax, Mineral oil, Potassium sorbate, Grapefruit seed extract