Echinacea Calendula Gel


Skin Support

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SIZE: 60 gm tube

Using the first aid powers of echinacea and healing powers of calendula, this skin support gel is perfect for longer healing skin disturbances of all kinds. Apply 1 to 2 times daily or as needed. Under age 2: Consult a physician.

100gm contains: 30gm Echinacea (Purple coneflower) 1X, 15gm Calendula 1X, 5gm Resina laricis (Larch resin) 1X; Viscum Mali (Apple tree mistletoe) 3X, Cuprum aceticum (Copper acetate) 6X, Argentum metallicum (Silver) 7X, Cutis – feti (Porcine skin) 8X, Funiculus umbilicalis (Bovine umbilical cord) 8X, Placenta – bovis (Bovine placenta) 8X, Distilled water, Glycerin, Sodium alginate, Rosemary oil, Potassium sorbate, Grapefruit seed extract