Avena Valeriana Pellets


Nerve Relief

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SIZE: 30 ml bottle (1350 pellets)

Valerian and oats have traditionally been used for calming nerves and aiding sleep. These pellets temporarily relieve sleeplessness or nervous tension. For sleep, dissolve pellets under the tongue at bedtime. Repeat if needed. For stressed nerves during the day, take 4 times daily, up to every 2 hours as needed.

Age 12 and older: 10 pellets. Ages 2-11: 5 pellets. Under age 2: Consult a physician.

Avena (Oats) 3X, Valeriana (Valerian) 3X, Conchae (Oyster shells) 7X, Phosphorus (Yellow phosphorus) 30X, Sulfur 30X, Organic sucrose, Lactose