Polygonatum Cepa Scar Ease Gel


To promote skin regeneration and minimize scars, apply to skin several times daily and rub gently until dry. Under age 2: Ask a doctor. Contains homeopathic potencies of onion, Solomon’s seal, echinacea, gold, silver, copper, quartz and more. 60 gm

SKU: HRG:polcepGel


Allium cepa (Onion) 2X, Echinacea (Purple coneflower) 2X, Hirudo (Leech) 4X, Polygonatum (Solomon’s seal) 4X, Vespa crabro (Hornet) 6X, Aurum met. (Metallic gold) 8X, Cartilago articularis (Bovine cartilage) 8X, Cuprum met. (Copper) 8X, Cutis (feti) (Porcine skin) 8X, Placenta (bovis) (Bovine placenta) 8X, Quartz (Rock crystal) 8X, Thuja (American arborvitae) 8X, Mesenchyme (Porcine embryonic connective tissue) 10X, Argentum met. (Silver) 12X, Barium citricum (Barium citrate) 12X, Graphites (Foliated crystalline carbon) 17X, Distilled water, Glycerin, Sodium alginate, Rosemary oil, Potassium sorbate, Grapefruit seed extract

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