Plantain Spruce Cough Relief Syrup

Chase away coughs or chest congestion with Uriel’s Plantain Spruce Cough Syrup.

March ushers out winter and welcomes spring, often with a struggle. Temperature changes can lead to colds and coughs. Try Uriel’s Plantain Spruce Cough Syrup, a safe effective cough remedy you can trust. It helps quiet coughs and clear chest congestion. Your whole family will like the cherry vanilla flavor.

To make Plantain Spruce Cough Syrup, we harvest the lance-like leaves of Plantago lanceolata from our gardens, and we collect the growing tips of local spruce trees. We make both into extracts, then combine them into a syrup of organic sugar cane juice and water. We add extracts of wild cherry and organic vanilla for flavor and homeopathic amounts of natural ingredients known to help relieve coughs: butterbur root, sundew, Christmas rose, china bark and more.

Why do we use plantain and spruce in a cough remedy? Observation of nature is key to understanding anthroposphic medicine. Typically, respiratory illnesses involving coughs are winter diseases, when cold and dark threaten to overwhelm us. Chilled lungs can lead to collection of excess fluid. We have a water process occurring in the wrong place. Coughing is an attempt to clear the airways. In order to overcome coughing, we need to “warm up” inside, retain our internal warmth, and maintain fluids in their proper place. Plantain thrives in the cold, wet conditions of early spring and has a tenacious, light-related quality, both in its straight-to-the-sun gesture and its silica (quartz-related) hairs. Spruce has structured, tenacious, aromatic warmth qualities that also counteract the cold and wet. In a way, the plants show the body how to handle adverse circumstances involving response to cold. 

For additional assistance, Use with Uriel’s Plantain Beeswax Cough Relief Ointment, a natural chest rub.

Sincerely, Uriel Pharmacy