Ideal Growing Relationship with Jupiter Evolution

Uriel is pleased to announce that we have entered in to a contractual relationship with Jupiter Evolution, a New Zealand based horticultural farming company operated and managed by resident New Zealanders. Jupiter’s farm is located at Shelly Beach, Helensville some 70 kilometres (43 miles) north of Auckland. The farm is on the southern end of the Kaipara Harbour and faces the sun from the north providing an excellent environment for the cultivation and production of very important extracts and raw material used by Uriel in the production of many of its retail products. The arrangement is particularly important to Uriel in that it will provide a source of much needed raw material extracts during the US northern hemisphere’s winter months. New Zealand, being in the southern hemisphere, has a prolific growing season during the months of September to April. New Zealand is also renowned for its “clean green” image with little or no pollution in the air, soil and water and the Jupiter location in particular provides high annual sunshine hours with warm sub-tropical temperatures ideal for growing the herbal material from which the extracts are manufactured.

Jupiter, under the guidance and supervision of Uriel’s Mark McKibben, has been experimenting with and testing new and innovative ways of growing the plant stocks and producing the extracts to maximize the beneficial ingredients required by Uriel for its raw material. These have been particularly successful with the first production run having now been used by Uriel during the year. Check back for further developments.


Mark McKibben
Founder and Pharmacist