Gnaphalium Stannum pellets

30 ml bottle (1350 pellets)
SKU: Pel:gnastapel


Cerebellum (Bovine cerebellum) 17X, Corpora quad. (Bovine Quadrigeminal plate) 17X, Epiphysis (Bovine pineal body) 17X, Gnaphalium leont. (Edelweiss) 17X, Labyrinthus (Bovine inner ear) 17X, Medulla oblongata (Bovine Myelencephalon) 17X, Nervus stat. (Bovine eighth cranial nerve) 17X, Onyx (Nat. Silicic acid with traces of iron oxide and carbon) 20X, Stannum (Metallic tin) 20X, Organic sucrose
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