Gelsemium Bryonia Flu Relief Pellets

Influenza (Flu) with Aches and Chest Congestion

For temporary relief from flu's muscular aches and respiratory symptoms, dissolve under the tongue 3-4 times daily, up to every 1-2 hours as needed. Age 12 and older: 10 pellets. Ages 2-11: 5 pellets. Under age 2: Ask a doctor. May alternate with ECHINACEA THUJA FLU FIGHTER PELLETS. Contains homeopathic potencies of gelsemium root, bryony root, vivianite. 30 ml

SKU: HRG:Gelbrypel


Bryonia (White bryony) 3X, Gelsemium (Yellow jasmine) 3X, Vivianite (Nat. ferrous phosphate) 7X, Organic sucrose, Lactose
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