From the Uriel Pharmacist: Travel Remedy Pellets

From the Pharmacist: Travel Remedy Pellets

I have written before about how Travel Remedy’s combination of circulatory and energetic ingredients counteracts symptoms of travel-related illness, such as jet lag, fatigue, irritability, sleeplessness or just feeling “out of it.” This month we’ll look at the benefits given by each ingredient in Uriel’s Travel Remedy. Ready for a quick trip into Travel Remedy Pellets?

We include Arnica for sleeplessness and restlessness when overtired, in addition to shock and tissue stress and Bellis (Daisy) for waking mid-sleep and sleep interruptions. For digestive and liver support, we include Chamomilla (Chamomile), which also helps sleeplessness, emotional and mental stress, impatience, intolerance, and disorientation; Ipecacuanha (Ipecac), which relieves nausea; and Lycopodium (Club moss), which also aids anxiety, anticipatory fears, apprehension, inability to adapt to new surroundings, and also bloating and gas. A combination of Uriel’s Primula Onopordon and Aurum Stibium remedies are included for heart and circulatory support: Primula (Primrose), Onopordon (Cotton thistle), Hyoscyamus (Henbane); Aurum (Gold) and Stibium (Antimony).

Why do we get travel-related symptoms? When we travel, we stop using our bodies. Instead of moving ourselves through space, we allow our bodies to be passively moved, at high speed. It accentuates the already prevalent problem caused by the computers, TVs, cell phones, and our other electronic gizmos – travel separates us from the immediacy of life and our own body. In my experience, the best antidotes for jet lag are pulling weeds in the garden, frolicking in the surf, and doing eurythmy, as well as sleep, of course.

What do these activities have in common? They all build our life forces and reconnect us with our bodies. In voluntary movement, such as walking, our whole being is engaged. In spiritual scientific terms, the soul and spirit are taking hold of the physical body.

Air travel, and to a lesser extent car travel, separates the life, soul and spirit bodies from the physical body. If we are strong and balanced – “well-connected” – we can handle the stress, but chronic stress affects even the strongest constitutions over time.

Travel-related symptoms can be forestalled by using Travel Remedy. Taken the day before travel and every 1-2 hours during travel, right through to the day after, Travel Remedy is a significant aid to feeling well once you arrive, so you can enjoy your destination.

Happy Travels,

Mark McKibben
Founder and Pharmacist