From the Pharmacist: Purple Coneflower Spray

From the Pharmacist: Purple Coneflower Spray

This spray includes extracts of calendula, sage and echinacea, as well as eucalyptus oil and anthroposophic homeopathic potencies which provide relief from inflammation and pain.

The herb calendula, with its bright orange flowers, is well known in the treatment and prevention of infections. Used as a rinse after dental procedures (Uriel’s Calendula Essence), it reduces the incidence of pain and inflammation. Calendula has strong growth forces, as seen in its energetic abundance and persistent flowering. It also has resinous substances that act as a life preserver to maintain healing processes when tissues are damaged or inflamed. During the American Civil War (1860-1865), before antiseptics were used, some doctors employed Calendula extract topically during and after operations and had phenomenally successful survival rates, despite its lack of official approval.

Sage is a woody, aromatic shrub covering the hillsides of the Mediterranean and Balkan areas, giving off a bracing scent that permeates the countryside. Sage has an astringent action on soft tissues and calms inflamed throat tissue with its own fiery nature.

Echinacea is also well known as an anti-infective. It has a measured growth habit, developing slowly, not hurried, holding its form and waiting until the right moment to open its flowers. This is an image of life holding on to itself, a kind of self-possession that works to sooth over-reactive tissues.

Eucalyptus oil comes from the leaves of this native Australian tree. It is dry and fiery, sometimes igniting into forest fires from concentrated rays of the sun alone. Yet it has a soothing influence on the inflamed membranes of the throat and respiratory tract.

Purple Coneflower Spray also contains potencies of Argentum nitricum (silver nitrate), quartz and belladonna, to assist the body in responding to inflammation, as well as Vaucheria, a yellow-green algae, and animal organ preparations that direct other remedies specifically to the throat and gums. Finally, we add Mercurius cyanatus in microdose to address the most severe sore throat symptoms.

Purple Coneflower Spray is potent, fast-acting, and safe to use frequently when throat, gums, or mouth are sore or inflamed. To temporarily relieve symptoms, use 4 times daily, up to every 1-2 hours as needed. For ages 12 and older, use 2-3 short sprays; for ages 2-11, 1-2 short sprays. As usual, ask your doctor about using with children under age 2.


Mark McKibben
Founder and Pharmacist