Flu Care Kit: The Perfect Combination

Protect Your Health and Wealth with Uriel’s new Flu Care kit

Prepare for flu season! Uriel Pharmacy’s new Flu Care Full Size Kit contains six full size remedies specially selected to fight the flu’s many symptoms: chills, aches, sore throat, runny nose, fever, exhaustion and more.

Meteoric Iron Prunus Immune Support Pellets are especially useful for immune support and relieve symptoms of flu, tiredness or exhaustion, especially when feeling run down or during convalescence after an illness. For best results, take at first indication of symptoms. May take regularly throughout flu season. It combines the light-bringing energy of meteoric iron (from real shooting stars!), phosphorus and quartz crystal with the steadying influence of Echinacea and the energizing effect of blackthorn.
Meteoric iron is a fine dust raining down through the atmosphere at all times, though it increases during the annual meteor showers in August and into the fall. Steiner describes how its power enters our blood and enables us to fight the dragon forces rising up from below, forces that cause fear and illness. Meteoric iron is a weapon in the hands of Michael, the warrior archangel who wants to help humanity to a new and freer consciousness of life on earth and in the spirit worlds.

Echinacea Thuja Flu Fighter Pellets are an excellent remedy for temporary relief of more severe flu symptoms including fever and exhaustion. It contains Eucalyptus, Echinacea, Thuja, honeybee and essential oils of Anise, Sage and Eucalyptus.
Observe how Echinacea grows; watch it for weeks as it develops. It develops slowly, at a measured pace, different from most plants. It is balanced, takes its time, and shows a steady quality that is important in seeing what it can do for us. Flu is a violent-onset disease that totally throws us for a loop. Echinacea energy steadies us and helps us to hold our own.

Gelsemium Bryonia Flu Relief Pellets help reduce flu’s respiratory symptoms and muscular aches and pains. It contains Yellow Jasmine roots, White Bryony roots, and Vivianite. 

For respiratory symptoms such as cough and chest congestion, take the delicious tasting Plantain Spruce Cough Syrup and apply Uriel’s aromatic Plantain Beeswax Cough Relief Ointment to chest and back. It can also be used on the soles of the feet at bedtime; after applying the ointment, cover feet with heavy cotton or wool socks.

Stress, tension and anxiety can contribute to making people more susceptible to illness. In addition to the courageous energy of Meteoric Iron Prunus, use Uriel’s Aurum Lavender Rose Cream over the heart and chest every morning and evening and as needed to stay centered and calm.

Please consult your health practitioner regarding your specific health concerns. Uriel has a list of Doctors Available for Phone Consultation. Uriel does not endorse any health practitioners; we provide the list solely as a service to our customers. 

Sincerely, Uriel Pharmacy