Flu Care Kit

Six full-size remedies specially selected to fight the flu's many symptoms

METEORIC IRON PRUNUS IMMUNE SUPPORT PELLETS: especially useful for immune support and relieve symptoms of flu, tiredness or exhaustion.
ECHINACEA THUJA FLU FIGHTER PELLETS: excellent remedy for temporary relief of flu symptoms including fever and exhaustion.
GELSEMIUM BRYONIA FLU RELIEF PELLETS: helps reduce flu's respiratory symptoms andmuscular aches and pains.
PLANTAIN BEESWAX COUGH RELIEF OINTMENT: this aromatic chest rub temporarily relieves symptoms of cough and chest congestion.
PLANTAIN SPRUCE COUGH SYRUP: this great tasting cough syrup relieves symptoms of cough and congestion.
AURUM LAVENDER ROSE CREAM: use over the heart and chest every morning and evening and as needed to stay centered and calm.

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