Equisetum Iris Rash Relief Ointment

Diaper Rash, Rash

Helps soothe itching skin or diaper rash. Apply to affected skin several times daily. Contains organic olive oil, zinc oxide, horsetail plant, iris, sulfur, geranium oil, rose oil, lanolin. 60 gm

SKU: HRG:equirioint


Calendula 2X, Equisetum (Common horsetail) 2X, Iris 2X, Sulfur 2X, Distilled water, Lanolin, Organic olive oil, Zinc oxide, Beeswax, Glyceryl monostearate, Stearyl alcohol, Geranium oil, Polyoxyl 40 stearate, Potassium sorbate, Rose oil, Grapefruit seed extract

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