Blackthorn Quince Body Moisturizer

Uriel is pleased to announce a new body care product: Blackthorn Quince Body Moisturizer. Designed for those with normal, dry or mature skin, it revitalizes and nourishes your skin’s natural beauty.

Blackthorn Quince Body Moisturizer  contains extracts of blackthorn flower and berry, quince seed and fruit, sage leaf, and carrot, among other things. The carefully selected, power-packed ingredients are essential for healing the symptoms of dehydrated skin. Here’s a peek into their natural qualities:

Quince is a remarkable, apple-like fruit that never quite ripens, even as it turns from light green to golden yellow in the fall. While the firm fruit flesh is somewhat astringent and pithy, the scent is delicately aromatic. The seeds are able to thicken enormous quantities of water into a gel-like consistency, so it is not surprising that quince extract is an excellent moisturizer. We prepare biodynamic quince fruits into an aqueous extract by alternating processes of warmth and cold, and expose the developing juice to the rhythm of the rising and setting sun to further enliven it. We also add a small amount of mineral-containing quince ash to the final product.

Blackthorn is a tough, sturdy thorn bush that generates abundant clouds of tiny white flowers in early spring and quantities of dark blue, astringent berries in late fall. It is known in medicine for its ability to strengthen and maintain life energy under adverse conditions.

Sage leaf brings again an astringent quality with its leathery-looking leaves that survive calmly under the intense Mediterranean summer sun, its essential oils breathing out into the atmosphere of the rugged, dry landscape it prefers.

The humble carrot brings the power of orange warmth and vitamin A to nourish and re-enliven the skin.

We hope you will enjoy all the elements of Blackthorn Quince Body Moisturizer that combine to keep your skin looking young and beautiful.

Sincerely, Uriel Pharmacy