Argentum Veratrum pellets

30 ml bottle (1350 pellets)
SKU: Pel:argverpel


Taraxacum (Dandelion) 2X, Urtica dioica (Stinging nettle) 2X, Cuprum sulf. (Copper sulfate) 4X, Magnesium sulf. (Magnesium sulfate) 4X, Apis (Honeybee) 5X, Apis regina (Queen Bee cell with larva and nutrient fluid) 5X, Pancreas (Bovine pancreas) 5X, Saccharum Sacchari (Cane sugar) 5X, Veratrum (White hellebore) 5X, Argentum met. (Silver) 6X, Phosphorus (Yellow phosphorus) 6X, Gl. Parathyreoidea (Bovine parathyroid glands) 7X, Aurum met. (Metallic gold) 9X, Organic sucrose
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