Amethyst Rosa Clear Skin Capsules

Skin Disturbances, Acne

These capsules harmonize and stimulate digestive and organ functions, especially in the liver, kidneys and lungs, to resolve acne or impure skin at its source. Take 3 times daily before meals, in addition to avoiding rich, fatty foods and eating plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Contains diatomaceous earth, amethyst, carbo betulae, caraway oil, anise oil, gentian root, ginger root, rose extract with iron, and more. Age 12 and older: 1-2 capsules. Under age 12: Ask a doctor. Cleanse the face morning and night with Calendula Healing Essence. 90 capsules

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Amethyst (Nat. silicic acid anhydrate with traces of manganese and iron) 2X, Carbo betulae (Birch wood charcoal) 2X, Fumaria (Fumitory) 3X, Absinthium (Wormwood) 4X, Betula (Borage) 4X, Calamus (Sweet flag) 4X, Chamomilla (Chamomile) 4X, Cochlearia (Common scurvy grass) 4X, Gentiana (Yellow gentian) 4X, Geum urbanum (Herb bennet) 4X, Oxalis (Wood sorrel) 4X, Rosa (Garden rose) 4X, Urtica dioica (Stinging nettle) 4X, Urtica dioica (Stinging nettle) 4X, Zingiberis (Ginger) 4X, Antimonite (Nat. antimony trisulfide) 5X, Piper nigrum (Black pepper) 5X, Hematite (Red iron ore) 6X, Graphite (Foliated crystalline carbon) 17X, Vegetable capsules, Diatomaceous earth, Distilled water, Rose petal extract, Anise oil, Caraway oil
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