Welcome to Uriel

Uriel creates anthroposophic, homeopathic, and herbal remedies based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner. Uriel was founded in 1996 on a small farm in Wisconsin, using plant ingredients from our biodynamic gardens. Uriel products are made using rhythmical processes such as potentizing (by hand) and exposure of plant extracts to sunrise and sunset.

Why Do We Do It?

We undertake these extra steps to make the medicines as lively as possible to speak the language of healing to the person working and growing inwardly through illness.

Our goal is to meet real human health needs. Foremost among them is to change the way we think about health and illness. Illness is not just an annoyance to knock out with the latest silver bullet. If we do that, we may miss an opportunity to learn something about life, and we may not actually heal the underlying problem even if symptoms go away temporarily. If we refuse to engage in a real healing process but only suppress the symptoms, we may end up stuck in an unbalanced state that leaves us unable to think, feel, and act freely. This may express itself socially as behaviors, attitudes, fixed ideas, and compulsions, to name a few.

Health is a state of balance from which we can take up our lives freely. Illness is some degree of separation from a healthy balance and exists to help us reconfigure our life back to balance by calling our attention to the problem. Some things we can be conscious of and handle by how we act and what we do and don’t do; other things may be beyond our control, then we need a doctor to look at us objectively and remedies to help us back to where we can take up our life again, have a fresh start. How we treat illness has a big impact on how our life goes forward.

It is an ancient truth that the world of nature relates to the parts of the human being because it once was part of us. This truth is key for finding new remedies in individual situations. The physician can look for which natural processes are out of order or out of place in a patient and design a treatment to harmonize them. Our idea of success is to bring this connection with nature to consciousness again, to experience it as a reality. Then we will really be able to speak the truth and make good medicine, the medicine of the future.

Uriel makes many Home Remedies for common health problems. For additional remedies, please see your health care practitioner.


Mark McKibben, a pharmacist and former Waldorf student-founded Uriel in 1996 to meet doctors’ and patients’ needs for anthroposophic medicines in the USA. He worked with Weleda (USA), WALA (Germany), Klinik Arlesheim (Switzerland), as well as Standard Homeopathic and Raphael Pharmacy (California). The focus of his entire career has been producing and facilitating the availability of anthroposophic medicines in the USA. He continues to be involved as the Visionary/Owner/Leader of Uriel Pharmacy.

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